Monday, November 14, 2011

Not sure why I can't sleep but thought it might be wise to put this time to use and write this week's blog. It has been so busy that I might just be on overload from all the activity. I am hoping that the fact that I have 5 more family shoots for my business and then I am done for the year will mean some wonderfully restful nights. The fact that Doug and I leave for Mexico on Thursday for a week could also bring some welcome refreshing time before the fun and excitement of the wreath making event and the Artist Sale moves into high gear.

I am featuring the work by Margaret Vance today as we work to ensure that the attendance at the Artist Sale is in record numbers to match the record number of requests this year. Margaret's winged creatures are favorites of many and are part of my personal collection of Christmas ornaments. Mac and Lew had one of her pop up toys when they were babies and I have it stashed away in case I am gifted with grand children someday. Margaret's husband Kurt is currently undergoing cancer treatment for a recent diagnosis and is a believer in the power of prayer so please keep him in your heart.

I have lost count but I think I saw the photos for five new families to Soul move through the office this past week and I know that Leo's latest shoot is completed and ready for printing. One of our newer photographers, Michelle did two great shoots in the past couple of weeks and still managed to mail in 2 beautiful hand knit baby hats for the sale. Michael also did 2 shoots recently and they are both lovely.

The show at Annie's Art and Frame looks so beautiful thanks to Sarah who works there for her beautiful job in hanging the pieces. If you are in Ballard please drop by to see the faces of Soul. Annie's has been one of our biggest supporters, framing hundreds of photos that are part of the gifts we give. They do a wonderful job and have done it free of charge. Doug and I frame all our pieces with them and I can say they do a great job and have excellent service. They are located on Market Street on the block past the Bay Theater as you head toward the Locks. We gifted the staff with Soul tees in a small gesture of thank you for their amazing dedication to our families.

On Wednesday we are attending the Women of Influence awards dinner and I will be called to do a short speech, thankfully its only a couple of minutes and will be a time when I can share a bit about the inspiration for Soulumination. I want to thank my longtime friend and hairstylist, Cindy Frank, owner of Salon Metro who is one of the artists at the sale for agreeing to come in on her day off to help me look presentable.

We are thankful to all who have signed up for wreath making and donation of greens. If you have talent in the floral arts and would like to join us in making wreaths please call us at 297-0885 or if you have greens to donate we would love to hear from you as we love having a wide variety of greens to work with and our goal this year is to make and sell 200 wreaths. We still need more people for cashiering, and other duties at the sale so if you are proficient with numbers and are careful at recording we would be most grateful.

I will write again soon as I noticed an envelope containing releases arrived this weekend and of course I will want to share the new face with all of you, in love and peace, Lynette