Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I completed my business work for the year yesterday and today I am honored to be named as a Puget Sound Journal Woman of Influence and tomorrow Doug and I fly to PV Mexico, poignant time of year. Its been hard to sleep with thoughts running thru my head about how to best honor the work of Soul in a two minute time slot, but hoping I can pull it off in loving memory and tribute to my niece, baby Lanie, my best friend's son Janus and all the angel babies and wonderful parents that we have lost. Hoping that the right words will fall into place and that my own soul has the ability to stand strong in a time of bittersweet thankfulness that the judges thought the work I have started is worthy of recognition.

I will be joined tonight by family and friends and I will carry with me the knowledge that Megan is working to get the shoots set up for four more families. The basis of Soul is just such an emotional thing that we can't ever measure success in the traditional ways. Higher numbers means more loss, no money changes hands for services rendered and yet it has a power all it own. Recently while working with my clients and friends, Kurt and Leslie and their family, Leslie reminded me that the nightmare of losing all your children's photos had been a reality for her. In the fire at their home all photos that I had taken for them and all the family photos had been destroyed, she said she could replace everything else but sadly not the negatives and prints that were wiped out that day. Those of us who are parents realize that the loss of a child is the biggest tragedy in life so thankfully Leslie has her three wonderful sons, but those precious photos are now distant memories.

I introduce you today to a tiny one whose hello is also goodbye. Cameron was photographed by Kevin and we are honored that his parents have agreed to share the images. We send our deepest sympathy and thoughts of love and peace.

We also received the releases from on of the families photographed by board member Jodi. Dash is one strong little guy born premature with multiple health issues. We are thankful to his family for sharing their son with all of us and proud to have both Jodi and Kevin working with Soul to provide such beautiful images

I am finishing the writing just an hour before leaving for tonight's celebration, huge thanks for all the kind words on facebook, the flowers from Heather and Kelly, and the curly hair by Cindy Frank at Salon Metro. I will do my best to honor the work of everyone at Soul and to be grateful to a community who has supported my business for nearly 25 years. In love and peace, Lynette