Monday, November 07, 2011

I am heading home from a wonderful weekend at the cabin, the next visit will be after our trip to Mexico to gather greens for the wreath making efforts. I got to facetime with my girls in Turkey a few minutes ago and really love that they are together exploring the world. At the cabin were the 2 moms whose babies inspired the work of Soulumination. They helped me go over answers to possible questions I will be asked when we attend the Puget Sound Business Journal's Women of Influence event next week.

I have been pondering the information about on census of Soulumination photo shoots this year. We are already over the number of shoots we did last year and its not even mid November. I am thankful that the word is out so that we can provide our services to new families but of course sorry that the numbers are rising as the sorrow and loss is just so much. As always we move forward as gracefully as possible, learning to embrace life as it presents itself.

We are now on the real countdown to our annual Soulumination Artist Sale. We have many returning artists: Betsy Brown, Trina cottingham, Cindy Frank, Kristin House, Sophi Kollenborn, Maude May, Robin May, Kari Schlechten, Diane Shea, Patti Shaw, Sidni Sobolik, Margaret Swanson-Vance, Lily West, James Sutherland, Jane Wilson, Jenni Wilson and myself. We are welcoming Jody Cain, Patsy Thola Chamberlain, Sofia Christine, Jeannette Derry, Julia Garrels, Ginny Huber, Becky Morrette, Susanna Prince, Gretchen Quinn, Irene Shimizu, and Dianne Tudor. Plus we have the young artists joining us: Colin Baker, Brady Jurgens, Claire Aiello, Mary-Kathryn Egger, and Grant Comick.

Megan is busy booking more new families. Kevin was out shooting on the weekend, Dawn is working with a new family and just completed the photos for another, Michael just did a shoot and Michelle is going to Seattle Children's tomorrow.

We hope that this year's Artist Sale is the best ever. In love and peace, Lynette