Monday, October 17, 2011

We are in a very busy time of year with all the needs to be done to pull off the Artist Sale with many new artists and lots of beautiful wreaths. We are also coming up to the opening evening for the show at University Heights this Friday evening as well as our supporter, Christa's birthday party that will benefit Soulumination.

On the Soul family front we are so busy. I had the nicest time working with Ava Grace and her family with the help of intern, Faustine last week. Charlie did her second shoot in Bremerton and today arrived a nice donation from a friend of the first family she recently worked with. Teddi did a shoot for a one year old on Saturday. Karen did a shoot of a one and a half year old on Sunday. Bryan is scheduled for a shoot on Tuesday and Jodi is working with a baby on Wednesday. Avery is scheduled for a family on November 2nd and we have 3 more new families to book.

I will post a couple of photos of our little friend Ava Grace tomorrow, but the disc is up at Moonphoto right now for printing.

I am off to gather mushrooms in the South Sound area tomorrow with good friends Sidni and Becky. The weather is supposed to be lovely, it will be nice to have some quiet time away. In love and peace, Lynette

I not only added the photos of Ava Grace but here find the beautiful work of Michael on our newly released child Gracie. We were very sad to hear that she died shortly after her shoot. We send her family all grace and sympathy as well as thoughts of love and peace.