Sunday, October 23, 2011

Its a nice Sunday morning here in Ballard, just walked back from the Farmer's Market with bounty for the week ahead. In a few hours Lew and I are leaving for my final wedding job of the year, I am so excited to work with this wonderful bride. I have 45 more families to photograph for my business before Doug and I leave for Mexico, but that will be so much fun seeing all my young friends and their parents and means that "Fall for Soul" will be a big help for funding for Soulumination. I am also trying to finish more items for the Artist Sale as we want that to be more successful than ever since we are busier right now than usual with new families.

It takes an opening paragraph to let me settle into the main reason I am blogging today and that is to say a public goodbye to a "beloved queen". I met the stunning Priya and her family when I was in Edmonton this past spring. They are a warm, beautiful and loving family and it was a joy to work with them. They were obviously looking forward to the photo shoot as everyone was attired so beautifully and I felt so much love as I entered the hospital room. This little beauty warmed my heart and had such a regal appearance that it didn't surprise me when her mom recently wrote and told me that her name meant beloved queen. I send heartfelt sympathy to this family as we received word recently of the passing of this angel. I hold them in my heart along with thoughts of love and peace.

Its only appropriate that the latest released child that I can share is Emma who was photographed by Susan at her studio in University Heights where the beautiful Soul Collection in currently hanging. This 7 year old will soon be on our website gallery but here are some beautiful preview photos.

Hugs to Susan, Lew and Heather for all they did to make the show at UHeights possible. Also Heather and Collin, Kelly S and Sally for help with hanging the show. Its beautiful and daily many people are going thru that majestic old school building and viewing the faces of Soul.

We are looking for help in creating a slide show disc of all our released children and adults. It is not affordable right now to print and mount all of the faces of Soul, so we need to have a slide show ready to go for the next opening which will be at Annie's Art and Frame on Nov. 12. Annie's has been our biggest business supporter in that they frame a photo for each Soul child's family free of charge. I know its important to have their customers see the true range of the support they have given, plus I want to celebrate each life that is released to us and it will also show the work of every photographer as releases are signed. So if you have a few days free and would like to help by loading in discs and creating a file of the chosen images please let us know ASAP as I will have chosen all the photos and from there we need to move forward quickly. Call 206-297-0885.

I am most thankful for all the stunning work that is coming in from our recent Soul shoots. Truly everyone is doing an outstanding job and we are receiving so many compliments from the families.

It is crazy busy here getting things in line for the Artist Sale. We are hoping to create 200 wreaths and will be offering some for pre-sale. Please call 206-297-0885 if you have greens you could donate as it will take so much to make that many wreaths. The raffle basket donations are arriving steadily and they are stunning. I think we will have at least 3 great baskets and I will donate a piece of the tin art for each basket. I have small wire and metal wreaths that I am adding to my luminarias, lights and dolls and will make a few new garlands to test market and from the garlands I will give all the proceeds to Soul. Thanks again to all who keep me in mind for bottle caps, tins, and cans, appreciate the help and support.

I send thoughts of love and peace to all, keeping in mind the artists that are busy creating for the show. I have also heard that prayers would be appreciated especially right now for a friend of mine, Kurt, whose wife is one of our artists as he is working through a new cancer diagnosis and treatment plan and also for the sweet red head, Claire who is in the ICU at Children's. Lynette