Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Its been very busy here in Ballard, this week in fact the busiest of the year for my business. Megan was finishing the gifts for the family I worked with last week as well as booking a photographer for a shoot in Bremerton tomorrow. We had a little office lunch and paper wreath making work party today in honor of Diane's birthday.

Our board president, Kelly and her husband, Yom hosted a lovely fundraising evening at a dinner party at Wild Ginger on Saturday. It was great to meet some new supporters and to reconnect with a few from the past. We raised funds to help keep us moving forward and had a lovely offer for another fundraiser by an attendee for Christmas time. I am most grateful to Yom and Kelly and their friends for this support.

Our good friend and former employee, Kari dropped by to donate some beautiful items to the Artist Sale. She is moving to Anacortes but she is always a part of Soul as she was one of our first volunteers and she lead some wonderful work parties, the Artist Sale and has been by our side from the beginning. I wish her well in her new home with a fine man by her side.

Lew, Heather and Susan are working to put together a lovely evening when we have our show event at University Heights a week from Friday. It is on the 21st from 6 till 9 and we have many beautiful portraits hanging in the halls.

We are thankful for all the work done by past board member, Bettijean Collins on the new piece we are having printed to accompany the ask to local businesses. We are excited to have this coming together.

I have to go do the dishes and be ready for my Saturday bride's phone call to finalize the details of this weekend's wedding. I am so excited to record this one as not only is the couple wonderful but my Lew is in the wedding. In love and peace, Lynette