Saturday, October 01, 2011

I was slow posting last week so maybe I just hit it today before my wedding shoot. Its fun to think ahead to the next hours as Sarah will be my assistant, Megan is in the wedding and Lew and Mike are guests. Lets hope the rain holds off enough for some outdoor photos.

We received the releases today for a Legacy photo shoot that was done by Amanda. This young mom has stage 4 breast cancer and we are honored that we had the chance to work with her and her partner and their three children. Amanda did a lovely job of capturing the beauty and depth of this family.

Thanks to my friend Sidni for her generous donation and to our long-time supporter, Christa Nielson for her generosity in asking her friends to donate to Soul at her birthday party. I also want to mention the family who ordered 8 tee shirts, we worked with their son recently while he was at Seattle Children's and we are honored that they will be wearing the Soul tees.

Please keep us in mind for greens for the wreath making workshops before the Artist Sale. I told our board that I would be sure we produced 200 wreaths as we need the money for your work and they seem to sell very well. It will take a lot of effort and a lot of greens. If you have floral or wreath making talent we would really love to have your help in constructing the wreaths, please call 206-297-0885 to sign up for a spot. we are working Nov 28, 29 and 30th from 9 til 9. We need skilled help for the actual wreath making but can use clean up and go-fer help too.

Also, we need to expand the take from the sale in other ways so again I am reminding you that we are looking for artists to donate a piece of two to the sale. We are not talking about expensive items but would love great quality earrings, pottery, leather goods, handmade books, handmade dolls, almost anything that has the feel of the normal items we carry. My friend Sasha is going to make spicy mustards, my friend Patsy is making the most incredible tiny pincushions and knitting scarves, Patrice is doing needle felted mushroom ornaments and hopefully some of her delicious truffles. My friends joining in to help the cause, please consider doing the same and maybe asking your artist friends to consider this option for supporting a cause that comes straight from the heart.

I close with a thank you to Leo for his latest efforts for a new Soul family---incredible photos as always. Please keep today's pictured family in your hearts. In love and peace, Lynette