Friday, October 28, 2011

I have not been sleeping well lately so late in the afternoon I took a little nap and was refreshed and reading in my bed when the home phone line rang and it was a nurse from Seattle Childrens asking if someone could come to the hospital for a baby who was most likely in the last hours of life. Since it was already after 5pm, I knew the best idea was to just grab my bag and go myself. Our photographers are great and many will drop what they are doing, but it just seemed right to go myself.

The nurse who had called greeted me at the NICU desk. We went and met the beautiful baby and her parents came in minutes and I spent an hour recording their goodbyes. Its never easy working with our dear Soul children but tiny ones at the hospital can be very poignant. I send her parents thoughts of love and peace tonight and will get the disc of images to Lily tomorrow for her to work her post production magic on the selected files. I know we will have a lovely set of gifts for these special people to help them move through the days and years ahead.

Tonight I am sorry to say that I have another loss to share with the supporters of Soulumination. A dear boy, Aaron that I met on the trip to Edmonton passed away a few days age. This little charmer really was so appealing and handsome. He was an only child and so obviously loved by his parents. My heart aches and I send thoughts of love and peace to his family also. As you can see by his photos he had a special twinkle, an appeal all his own.

I had started this writing after dinner and then went to bed knowing I had to be up bright and early so that Doug and I could drive Lew to the airport for the start of her trip to Turkey with McKenzie. At about 1AM the phone rang and Mac is so sick that they have to delay the start of their travels until tomorrow and Lew spent the next couple of early morning hours changing tickets. Once awake its just hard for me to go to sleep so I finished reading a most enjoyable book, Breakfast with Buddha.

This evening I will attend a birthday party for our long time volunteer and supporter, Christa. She is asking that her friends donate to Soul instead of bringing gifts. We received a lovely donation via paypal yesterday in her honor. After the party I will drive to our cabin for a couple of days of quiet time creating a few more pieces for the Artist Sale and just enjoying the beauty of the South Sound. I thank once again all of you who have saved bottle caps and cans for my projects.

We are grateful to Soul mom Alison for her willingness to put the address labels on the postcards for the Sale. It was truly a delight to see her and Georgia when they came to pick up the cards and labels. Once Georgia's NG tube is out we will schedule updated photos. Her wavy brown hair is such a change from her straight blonde locks that its time to capture her again.

I close hoping for sleep and sending gratitude for the opportunities that life has given me and my family. In love and peace, Lynette