Sunday, September 11, 2011

There is a lot going on this week for Soulumination. But with all I have to share I want to start by honoring Soul parents and our friends, Susan and Andrew Tarling. I met this couple and their son, Brandon (pictured here today) shortly after the article came out in People Magazine in February of 2005. I flew along with my daughter Llewelyn to take photos of Brandon at his first birthday. Our ties were formed then and have grown strong thru their visit to the opening celebrations at St Marks Cathedral that year, a second shoot with Brandon in Vancouver and sadly thru this death and his mom's visit to our 5th Anniversary and a lovely lunch visit with them and Sarah and her twins here at our place in Ballard. Susan makes all the beautiful birthday cards for our new families, she organized my trip to Edmonton this year and she and Andrew hosted me during that stay. She has encouraged her co-workers to purchase and wear our Soul tees, shown below with some of her co-workers. We are so very thankful for their support. I know I have written about this wonderful family many times but in signing all the birthday cards that Megan handed me it seemed important to write about them again as the cards are truly beautiful works of love.

Last year our volunteer photographer, Tara Clark did a project called "Give Everyday in May". It raised a lot of money and awareness. With this economy being challenging for funding this year, I have launched a little fundraiser for Soul that maybe I should call, "Fall for Soul". During the months of October and November I will donate $65 from each shoot for returning business clients and $100 for new business clients who book family or senior photo shoots during those months. I had already had a fair number on my books but will donate from those too of course. I am very pleased with our adminstrative staff here at Soul and will earmark my donations from this little advent specifically to this part of our work so that donors funds can be used even more directly for the work with families. I have been working very hard the last few months and always donate to Soul but I feel I have enough energy to gear up for fall and give even more to Soulumination.

On Tuesday we have our first board meeting after our yearly summer break. It is time to welcome possible new members and vote in our new President, Kelly McNelis Senegor and Vice President, Heather Baker. We have a number of people confirmed to visit and consider the board, we cross our fingers that some or all will join us. To date have Jodi Rosen, Pat Fallon and Anne Cunningham attending the meeting as possible board members. We know that committing to any board is a big step so nothing is for sure yet but we are hopeful. The great thing about Soul is that whether or not people take a place on the board they stay involved and available to help and that is really the key to our strength. We say farewell but not goodbye to Matt Kochel, Randell Walton and Amy Humphries, all who have served us with care and compassion. Randell of course is staying on as one of our photographers, I hope Matt will agree to again greet at the Artist Sale as he generously has offered to come when I call and Amy has already agreed to stay close when needed.

I hope you have noticed our new project on facebook, the short testimonials that we are presenting almost daily. So far their are short and moving pieces, most under a minute, from our TIPS intern Hannah, our supporter Sidni, Soul mom and photographer Jodi, Soul mom Maryann, Soul sister Margo and our own Megan. Many more to come. Please visit our page and 'like' us and encourage your friends and family to do the same at: It is very important that we broaden our base of support and social networking is vital in that process, so please 'like' us and encourage your family and friends to do the same. We hope to make a presentation of many of these brief and powerful words that we will show at the Artist Sale on December 3 and 4th. Thanks to board member Lori Sawyer for loaning us her little video cam and to photographer Karen whose we will borrow next.

Megan has 2 new families booked for this week. I don't have the exact number at my fingertips but will check with Megan and make it current for the next blog but we are over 700 shoots for Soul since our beginning. Life move is meaningful ways. In love and peace, Lynette