Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Its a beautiful day at the cabin and I have a few more hours to myself before the drive back to 'reality' as my husband would say. Its the busiest time of year for my business with family and senior shoots colliding with weddings----very exciting and fun. I get to see many good friends this time of year and am regularly reminded of the passage of time since this week I work with a graduating senior whose parents wedding I photographed. Here at the cabin I ran into Kelly Chandler whose wedding I shot and who now shoots for Soulumination. She and her family were staying with another bride of mine from 19 years ago. I feel so lucky to have this job. ****Making an addition tonight to the blog I wrote earlier at the cabin, because when I arrived home a family from Camp Agape released their photos that were taken by Kurt. Sopia is in glasses on the far left and will be featured soon in our gallery. Just had to share these joyful photos.****
This is also the time of year that Soul moves into high gear in the area of board organization and funding plans. We have our first meeting after the yearly summer break and we will vote on incoming President Kelly McNelis Senegor and Vice President Heather Baker. Both women have been already working hard to be on top of all there is to do in running this non-profit. I thank outgoing President, Matt Kochel for his 2 years of service. Meeting Matt and Celina the night that they said goodbye to their twin infant daughters was a powerful evening and they are certainly a part of my heart and soul. Photographer, Jodi Rosen was by the office this morning with all four kids to drop off her latest shoot from a family that is at Ronald McDonald house. She has agreed to attend the next board meeting and we are hopeful that this will begin a long tenure on our board. We need to build a broader base of support and are so thankful to all of you who have stood by our side. We are launching a little video testimonial project on facebook and we may very well call on you for a few sentences about what Soulumination means to you. We are grateful to Lori and Karen for offering to loan us their flip cams so we can move forward on this with good equipment. The idea for this little project came when I worked with 2 wonderful clients last week and I shared with them that I have a dream of finding funding by a donor to cover the cost of our administration, leaving only the actual funds that go directly to the work with the families for us to raise. Both Bettijean and Laura had great insights and through their willingness to chat after their shoots this little grassroots video project came about. Already our TIPS intern and my good friend Sidni have shared their thoughts. Hopefully we will have a new little video up each day for a while and then move into posting new ones a couple of times each week. They are short and they are from the heart, take a peak. We are also working hard to increase our presence on facebook, if you haven't 'liked' us already please do at this link: http://www.facebook.com/Soulumination. We have set a goal of 1000 likes so please let your friends know about our work and encourage them to connect with us. Funding is weighing on my mind these days so please mark your calenders for the Artist Sale which will be the first Saturday and Sunday in December. We will be working to create twice the number of wreaths as we have sold out each year. If you have greens to donate please let call 206-297-0885. I know Diane has some great new artists all lined up and we are going to feature some young talent. Grant will be returning with his amazing pipecleaner creations and we are adding Claire with her photo cards and Brady with his duct tape wallets and hopefully a few other young people. I am working with all the cans and bottle caps that so many of you have shared with me. We are also working to make the check out system work more smoothly. Keep my pal Austen in your heart, she is moving through her weeks of chemo with grace and determination and it will be good when she is ready for her donor cells. That woman has a beat on all this and is truly giving cancer the heave-ho. Our little pal Georgia is working through some new medical issues and she is another fighter that would love to have all the good juju, prayers and support heading her way. Now to the beach to enjoy a little more sun and the quiet of the sound before heading to the excitment and bustle of the city. In love and peace, Lynette