Monday, August 22, 2011

Our intern Hannah is working on a blog entry but I just had to move forward with one myself. Around 1pm Megan got an email about an urgent shoot and since its my day 'off' and I was only doing all the editing from Sundays wedding I jumped up and packed my bag only to find out that the shoot couldn't happen right then but maybe tomorrow. Right at 5 pm Megan came up to my living room where I was still editing and asked if I could go this evening. I dropped everything and headed to Seattle Children's SCCA floor. Often when I go to Children's I get my security badge from the man whose wedding essentially launched the idea of Soulumination since at that time his wife was working with the Palliative Care Unit and I offered my service when I heard about their work. I always like catching up briefly with this kind man and it was fun to hear that his daughter is starting first grade soon. Coincidentally, it was my mentor from the same unit that is now called Pediatric Advanced Care who sent this referral.

I made my way to the SCCA floor and met another wonderful family. The parents and sister were out chatting in the hall while my 'client' was finishing up with a visit from friends. From the moment I dawned my camera gear it was obvious that the teenage sister of the client that I was to work with was really interested in photography.

When I entered the room it was to meet a very handsome teen and I went right to work as it was obvious that he was tired and this shoot needed to be quick and efficient. I loved hearing about his 'Make A Wish' experience and chatting while gathering shots of the two sibs and then the entire family. Once I had recorded all I needed with the sister I asked her if she would like to use one of my cameras and together we worked with her brother and parents for about 5 to 10 more minutes. At that point it was time to let the young man rest and I was out the door. As I packed my gear I let the sister see the images she had captured and it was obvious that she knew how to handle herself with a camera. I felt it was such a wonderful thing that she is the artist behind some of the images that will be part of her family's precious memories. I would love to have her become one of our interns but I think the drive from her home is just a little too far to be reasonable. I will hold this family in my heart as it truly was one of the most special half hours I have spent this year.

I share today images from Camp Agape that were captured by Bryce. Meet Robert and his sister Juliana. He will be on our website gallery soon. Bryce dropped off another disc for a new family this weekend and he said it was also a meaningful shoot for him as he was able to use his Spanish language skills along with his camera acumen.

We received the most wonderful thank you notes today from a new family who was photographed by Scott, the family was signing his praises and they seemed to love the handmade gifts, plus they kindly included a donation check. We also received a check from our longtime family doctor and an order for two tee shirts. We are really thankful for this generosity as funding has been a bit slower for the past month and of course we want to be strong and able to fulfill each request.

Last week Megan and I met with our incoming board President and Vice President, Kelly and Heather. They still need to be approved by a vote of the board at our September meeting, but in the mean time they are busy working on strategy to move us forward with some possible grants and new fundraising ideas. I am most grateful to have their talents on our side. Feeling blessed, in love and peace, Lynette