Monday, August 01, 2011

Its a very busy time of year for me as its the height of wedding season, lots of my clients are doing their yearly photo sessions and Soul has had so many requests lately. We had a great time at Camp Agape again this year and worked with 17 families with a total of 19 Soul Children, their parents, sibs and assorted aunts, uncles and grandparents. It rained the entire time we were shooting but the photos really reflect so much happiness. Its a truly rewarding outing and we are honored to be a part of such a meaningful camp experience for the families. I am thankful for all the help from photographers Kurt and Bryce and office staff Megan and Hannah.

I share today photos of a new adult to our Soulumination Legacy Project. Michael called us himself to request a shoot with his two sons. It is rare that the patient is making the request so it was especially tender. He will soon be on the gallery so you can read his story there. He was recorded by Dawn and we all feel the photos are very special. We received a lovely thank you card from Michael the same day as the releases we sent. Again it is rare that we hear directly from the person we are working with so enjoy these photos and know that this kind man has touched our hearts.

We are enjoying new office help from my long time friend/client, Ryan who is a high school senior from Bellevue. He will be with us for a while this summer and its nice to have a male point of view for a while in the office. We are most thankful that he has offered his services.

We have received a few donations in the past few days in our mail. I am hoping it signals a return for some regular gifts as we are very busy and it has been a bit slow on the funding side of Soulumination.

One more gift arrived in memory of my father-in-law which of course touched me deeply. I am now the proud holder of Tom's stamp collection thanks to my sis-in-law Sally who chose them to give to me as they distributed more of Tom's possessions.

We are working hard and feeling like we are serving many. We are still looking for more places to show the Soulumination Collection, if you know of any business that would be willing to support in this way please let us know. We are happy to show any number of pieces from 1 to over 100 so we can be flexible as to where and when we we can show. Please also let us know if you have business or corporations that might be willing to consider supporting our efforts and we will send them a letter in the next months as we are hoping to expand our base of support.

I must get back to editing the wedding photos so I close as always, in love and peace, Lynette