Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I usually update on Monday, but McKenzie arrived Sunday evening for a little visit and I have been busy with her and her friends. Its quite wonderful to have both girls home and all their pets. We feel fortunate to have had this time together. Mac is a great chef and we had the pleasure of a number of dinners she created for us and for her good friends.

I am posting a couple of new releases. Kennedy opens the blog. She was photographed by board member and incoming vice president, Heather Baker. She is quite the cutie and its so sweet to see her blooming in the flower pot.

The second family features Kyle, a new adult to our legacy project who was photographed by Nancy. The images are lovely and we are so thankful for her help with our work.

We enjoyed the help from volunteer Ryan, he is off to college next week so yesterday was his last day. Our intern thru TIPS, Hannah is doing a grand job and will be writing the blog next week. Courtney was in last week working on gifts while Megan was away and we hope to welcome Faustine back soon. The help from these amazing young people is so appreciated.

Diane hung a small show for us at Moonphoto in Greenwood. Take a peak if you are in the area. The photos are from the beginning of our journey. We would like to hang a few more shows so let us know if you have any possible places that would be interested. We are eager to get the word out as we have had many requests and funding has been a bit slow.

Had a lovely chat with our supporter and photographer on the East Coast, Sarah Mattingly. Sarah works with me at the NTSAD Conference. She has been a real asset to our work and a rock for me personally.

Now time to get back to editing of the work for my biz from today's shoots. I am so thankful for the families that have allowed me to photograph for them as their children have grown up. Its an honor and pleasure to watch the young people move into their own and really start to make a difference in this world.

In love and peace, Lynette