Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hello to all of Lynette’s readers, I’m Hannah, Soul’s TIPS intern for the summer. I spent a wonderful two months and sadly am finished as an intern and soon headed back to school for my senior year at Holy Names.

I worked this summer on making gifts, updating the database of all Soul shoots (so many!), and doing various art projects and small tasks. Most recently Megan and I went over to Moonphoto to put some finishing touches on the exhibit. We had a blast attempting to hang the photos just so with me inside the very small display case and her outside using hand signals to straighten the photos, that is until we realized I could hear her through the glass.

One of my favorite experiences of the summer was certainly Camp Agape. Working in the office I see all of the shoots that come through, but seeing the kids in person makes the gift-making process so much more personal. I also loved that I got to spend time with Lynette seeing her shoot and interact with the kids.

Thursday was my final day as an intern and, though I will be back soon to volunteer, I cannot believe my time there has ended. The spectacular women at Soulumination have become my friends, and I’m so thankful that I was able to have this experience.