Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This time of year it seems there are so many chores woven into the week on top of shoots for my biz and weddings that I don't have much time to be at my desk and write. So today just a quick update.

We received a most amazing letter from an RN at Seattle Children's following an end of life shoot by Kevin. "I am an RN in the NICU at Seattle Children’s Hospital.    This week, I had the pleasure of working with Kevin while photographing an infant and her family in an end of life situation.   I would first like to thank you and Soulumination for providing this incredible service to our little patients and their families.  The memories that you have provided to this family will be cherished forever.    I am in complete awe of your organization and the work you do . . .  thank you to you and your volunteers for making this possible.

Secondly, I would like to thank Kevin for his outstanding photography and professionalism.  He was extremely flexible and came to the hospital twice at the family’s request.   He was professional but also exhibited a “silent compassion” to the family during this difficult time.   His calm and gentle demeanor made his presence less obtrusive while the family grieved for their child.  Thank you, thank you so much, Kevin, for the photography and memories that you provided to this
family. "

I am so thankful for the amazing talent that works free of charge for Soulumination. Megan currently is working on the gifts for a shoot done by Cami and the photos are really wonderful.

We are missing the presence of Faustine as she is not available till August to come intern with us. She added a wonderful touch and we are very thankful for her efforts. Hannah, our TIPS intern is doing a great job.

We are working toward some shows of the Soul Collection. Annie's here in Ballard will be hosting a show in November, one of our photographers is working toward a show at University Heights, next year we will have a show at Glazers, but if you have other ideas of places to show we would be interested in pursuing those options.

We have been blessed to have the support of my clients and friends and many people who have been touched by the work of Soulumination. With the change in the economic climate we have to be mindful of keeping ourselves fully funded so that we can fulfill all requests. We have a couple of fundraisers in the works and we are now receiving the confirmations from our artists for the sale in December. If you know of any possible grant opportunities or corporations who might be interested in backing the work of Soul please let us know.

Diane and Megan have been working to find a photographer for a family in a small town in Texas. When we receive out of state requests we have often had success in locating a photographer and making it work out. Our work in generally in the NW but we like to think of ways of helping if there is even a remote change of finding someone. I am proud of the resourcefulness and dedication.

Now back to work, in love and peace, Lynette