Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We are so very thankful to Adam's family and friends who have been donating in his memory. We are grateful to his wife for selecting Soulumination as a way of honoring his life. We will move forward with our new clients keeping Adam and his family in our hearts. He is pictured here today both alone and with his playful children and beautiful wife.

I personally thank friends who have given in memory of my father-in-law Tom Johnson. He was a wonderful man and a mentor to me so my heart is greatly touched by your thoughtfulness and generosity.

We are planning on our yearly visit to Camp Agape and we look forward to meeting new families and seeing familiar faces. It will be fun to initiate Megan into what turns into a three ring circus of photography as we share laughter and fun as we capture the families. We hope our new TIPS intern will join us and hopefully Kurt and Bryce will consider joining us again this year. We are very fond of the crew at Camp Agape and most thankful to our dear friends Nanette and Ranjiv for underwriting this outreach.

I share today the crew in Edmonton Alberta who hosted my visit to work with 14 of their patients. It brings a smile to my face and delights me that they would all so generously purchase our shirts and then wear them to work. On facebook someone commented that the shirts show the true size of their hearts. Hugs to each and everyone pictured for their support.

My thanks to our photographer, Amanda, we are just now reviewing the images from her latest shoot and they look lovely. We are so blessed to have so many talented people volunteering their time.

Hopefully summer weather will be with us very soon. I am hoping that you are saving those bottle caps for me. I have been working hard on creating the items for the Artist Sale and would love to have your bottle caps. Some have great tiny graphics and others have clever wording, bright colors and all types of good design. I use hundreds of them and would love it if you would save me yours. Soft drinks, ciders, bottled waters and of course beer caps are all welcome. I can always use aluminum cans with fun bright graphics, some of the favorites are Peace Tea, Arizona Tea, Brisk Tea, Caldera IPA. In love and peace, Lynette