Monday, June 20, 2011

Today I share another stunning new face to Soulumination, Loken who was photographed by Tara. She worked with this beautiful family a few months ago and we will be adding his photos and his bio to our gallery very soon.

It was a weekend of memory and legacy for me and my family this weekend. We are blessed that are losses can be celebrated as long lives that were filled with love. Saturday morning, Doug, Lew, Nando and I headed to Sequim to take my family out for Father's Day Brunch and to celebrate May/June birthdays. I wish my sister Patti could have been there. We are most thankful here at Soul for Patti's generosity and we recently received a donation in her honor. Also, my brother David could not attend as he lives in Australia, but he recently donated a number of beautiful seed necklaces for this years artist sale. We had planned on visiting my mom's grave after our meal but what I didn't know was that her headstone is now in place. It is stunning with beautiful flowers twining round her name and the words "Our Beloved". McKenzie and I had picked out the design but I didn't know that my sister in law had completed the order and the installation. It is perfect, plus the birds soaring overhead, the lambs next door and the view to my mom's crabbing grounds and the Olympic Mountains makes this resting place one that is surely fitting.

After Doug and my dad visited a friend of dad's in a rehab center while Lew and I shopped for food for my dad's main companion, one persnickity little cat we drove on to Port Townsend.

Yesterday we placed the ashes of my in-laws, Tom and Lainie Johnson into the water near the lighthouse at Fort Warden. Tom and Lainie were unique and well-loved individuals. They meant the world not only to their family but to many friends. They will be celebrated forever as people who made a difference in meaningful and sometime humorous ways. I am showing a few photos from yesterday and you will see Tom's little companion, Beau, the little poodle who was Tom's pride and joy at his retirement home. Lew had written some words of thanks to her grandfather which she shared with us. I was moved by her depth of feeling. Many of us shared funny stories of Tom and Lainie which made the occassion very special. The five children Tom and Lainie raised are all major players in my life and each and everyone has aided me in countless ways with Soulumination. Through both obituaries, Soulumination has received funds that have helped us so very much in moving forward with our work. Rest in peace Tom and Lainie.
In love, peace, and thankfulness, Lynette