Thursday, June 16, 2011

Its a bit sunnier here in Ballard today and that makes the day start out so nicely. I want to share two new little ones with you. We received their releases yesterday and their photos touch my heart.

Sadly as I introduce you to Alesia who opens the blog today its also a memorial posting as she passed away in April. Her photographer was Bryan and we are so thankful for his work with this little beauty. We send thoughts of love and peace to her family. Soon there will be a posting on the gallery featuring her life story.

We also received releases for Emree, one of Dawn's recent shoots. She is pictured with each of her parents. She will also be part of the gallery soon. We send her family best wishes and lots of hope for this stunning baby.

In about an hour Megan and I get to meet one of our summer interns, Hannah. She is a student at Holy Names Academy and we are excited that she was placed with us through TIPS. This fine organization has helped us since we started and we are most grateful for all the interns they have provided. Soon we will also be joined by UW student, Faustine. She is working on a paper about photography and infant death. We feel both woman will be a huge help this summer.

We met with board member, Heather Baker yesterday about approaching local businesses and corporations that might have grant or corporate giving programs that might be willing to help support our efforts. If you have any ideas for places we might approach, please let us know here at 206-297-0885.

Finally we are most pleased to announce that our beloved former administrator, Sarah is getting a family booked for her first Soul shoot. We are of course most excited to welcome her back to the work of Soulumination.

In love and peace, Lynette