Monday, June 06, 2011

Its always sad to write when we have had a recent loss. We just heard that Soul adult Adam died on May 28th. Adam was photographed by Scott and when the photos first arrived at the office we all commented on how beautiful they were and how Adam had such stunning children. We are so sorry for this loss.

We were very touched to receive a donation in his memory a few days ago via pay pal. I can now respond immediately to this type of donation via paypal so when I responded to Adam's friend she turned around and bought tee-shirts. That seemed so very kind and now today a very poignant note arrived thanking us for working with Adam and asked us to accept a small gift, tears came to my eyes as I looked at the check for $1000 as that amount is such a generous donation. A few minutes later when I had time to recover I opened another donation in the amount of $10 and rejoiced that this person would understand that to us her donation had great value.

We had word today that a young and spunky diva that I worked with a while back and who Bryce worked with just a few days ago has also died. Rhema was one of a kind and her spirit moved me deeply. I share a photo of her in the tiara she brought for her shoot here at the studio, I swear she had more than a touch of the showman in her. Rest in peace dear girl.

We just received signed releases from the parents of Mylin, the beautiful teenager pictured here who was also photographed by Scott. The mom wrote so thoughtfully that both Megan and I got teary reading her descriptions of her daughter and what the photos meant to them. She passed away last year and we send her family and Adam's family our sincerest sympathy.

We will be welcoming our new TIPS volunteer, Hannah, later this month. Next week we will be graced with another volunteer, Faustine, through the UW.

Sincere thanks to all who have donated recently, its a battle to keep our heads above water but so far we have been victorious. We are humbled and delighted that we can move forward.

I am off mushrooming tomorrow, please send thoughts of sunshine. The mountains should be stunning right now with wildflowers and mushrooms to delight me and all who venture out. In love and peace, Lynette