Thursday, June 30, 2011

I don't normally post twice in one week but we had another stunning set of photos released and I wanted to share the work from Natalia's first shoot with Soul. We think this little guy, Daniel is a stunner and we are most thrilled with Natalia's work. In the near future his story will be up on our gallery.

We are welcoming my business admin woman, Kelly to the list of volunteer Soul photographers. She has been taking classes and from some recent work we know she is ready to take on the roll for Soul.

I was thinking that some of you might want to know ways that you can help. I am going to list things both big and small and hopefully you will find something that fits your skills, talents or ability:

** We need a volunteer bookkeeper that knows data entry and can work efficiently with Quicken. We are hoping for someone that can give time one day a week to keep the books up to date. It would be grand if the person lived nearby so that transportation isn't an issue.

** Greens for the December wreath making efforts. We are going to try to double our output so we will need more greens. If you are thinking of cutting back pesky but beautiful evergreens maybe consider doing that in late November so that we can put them to good use. If you know anyone with a tree farm, we would love their trimmings.

** If you have beads or buttons in a stash and aren't going to get to using them we would make them into garlands that we will sell at the Artist Sale.

** If you know of any grants that we might apply for or any corporations or even small businesses that might consider donating we would love to know about them. We are planning on drafting a letter that we would send to try to get our foot in the door for funding. We are busier than ever and we need to stay funded so that we can answer each and every request.

** We want to set up a number of smaller shows in the fall, not only to educate the area about what we are doing, but also it would help promote attendance at the Artist Sale and also show the corporations that we approach that we have a great mission. If you know of any possible places that would be willing to host a show please let us know.

**If you knit and would be willing to make a baby sweater, hat, scarves, gloves etc for the artist sale we have lots of beautiful yarn that was donated by Tea Cozy Yarn shop here in Ballard that you can use. Just call the office at 297-0885 to make a time to come pick up some yarn.

** If you know of an artist/craftsperson who would like to donate a few items to the artist Sale we would be delighted. We are not looking for artists to have a table as we are nearly booked for those but rather we would love to get an item from many artists who would be willing to let us sell their creation and let us keep 100% of the proceeds. I feel there are a lot of people out there that would like to help but don't want a table, so this is a way to help Soul without asking much of one person. For instance a great friend of mine from high school is making the coolest tiny felted pincushions and is giving them to us to sell for Soul. My brother donated a number of beautiful seed necklaces which feature a lovely seed from Australia.

** on a more personal level you all know I create a lot of items for the sale and I am one of the artists that donates 25% of my sales to Soul, my goal is to personally raise Soul more than $2K from my sales alone. I am still in need of colorful non-flattened aluminum drink cans (Hawaiian brands, V-8, Peace Tea, Fresca, Squirt, Arizona, imported beer are some of my favorites. I would love it if you would save them for me as I want to create 100 strands of the lights that were so popular last year, which means I need to have 7,000 pretty little pieces all cut out and ready to go. So if you would be so helpful I would love to reuse your cans. I am also looking for interesting bottle caps, would like more Full Sale ones in the blue and green colors, but truly any interesting graphic can be good. I do have plenty of Corona caps so those are the only ones that aren't needed. You can drop them by the studio and if no one is here they can be dropped over the fence in a garbage bag.

** Mark your calendars for these years Artist Sale and tell your friends. Its the first Saturday and Sunday in December, 3rd and 4th....tell your friends as its our biggest fundraiser and we are looking to have an even better sale this year. We will need the greens for the wreaths the Sunday or Monday before that, which is November 27/28.

** Your donations, large or small are always so appreciated.

I am off to another location wedding this weekend and will be so excited to have Lew along with me again. I feel so lucky to have her with me right now. Now I better get ready for the family shoot that is walking into my courtyard shortly. In love and peace, Lynette