Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yesterday's work party was magic. I am sharing photos taken by my new assistant Kelly who is also an apprentice Soul photographer. From morning till evening such love and devotion was shown in our volunteers. From old friends to new ones that we met just last week at the talk for Providence Hospice, Snohomish, everyone gave their time and talent with grace and laughter.

Many friends have written to say that the coming together to create albums has come to be a highlight for them. We have taken care to create our gifts by hand and by the time each family received their gifts I think up to 25 people have come together to make it possible, from those of us who cut the paper, davey board, ribbons, spines, to those who bake cookies or contribute paper and then to those who assemble the gifts, to the photographers and nurses who work to make the experience of the photo session something special, to Moonphoto and their crew who do such a great job of printing, to Megan, Diane and the interns who create the final product and on to Sip and Ship who mail and then to Denise and Annie's Art and Frame who make the second set of gifts. The work of Soul is hands on and finished with love and caring.

In love and peace and with great gratitude to our helpers and to those of you who have contributed through our newsletter appeal, Lynette