Monday, May 09, 2011

Tomorrow is our annual work party to make all the albums for the year and the room is all set up and ready for workers. I am cutting paper to size and Lew was cutting ribbon while Megan and Diane did final set up at each station. After a meeting tonight Doug and I will go to his work shop to cut up some more spines for the albums as we have a goal of making 150 books tomorrow and need a few more spines. Our board president's mom, Kristen dropped off amazing paper today and my friend and client Lori brought homemade cookies and brownies. My sister Patti is paying for pizza for everyone and others are bringing cookies, salad and chocolate. Sarah Mattingly has cupcakes coming for us and it just seems like it will be a great day. If you have time tomorrow between 9 and 9 and have good skills with paper please come on over to help, adults only at the Ballard studio. So many people have been generous in their support, we thank them sincerely.

We have the photos nearly ready to send to Edmonton, even I eeked out a few minutes this afternoon to help with the gifts and its so rewarding to see the beautiful children again. I am sharing today a lovely little girl, Shelby who was photographed by Cami. You can read her bio in the gallery section. We are so thankful to Fred Moody who has helped us with the bios since the beginning of Soulumination. Fred wrote the People Magazine article that launched the nonprofit and has been a friend and supporter throughout our existence.

I close sending my friends my sympathy for a loss that is over a year old. A lovely artist and amazing woman all around, Etta from Port Townsend passed away from colon cancer. I had met her shortly after opening my flower shop in PT and remember she took my breath away with her beauty. I was honored when years later she traded me some of her stunning earrings for Senior photos of her oldest daughter. I will hear the earrings tomorrow as friends and supporters come and go in the making of the albums. I had not heard about her death until this weekend and I am still reeling as she was a great friend to my in-laws and to many of us who mourn her passing.

It was good to be in Port Townsend and see many favorite friends. There is a great Japanese noodle shop next to the Rose Theater. If you are over on the Peninsula give it a try. The waitress kindly gave me a bag of bottle caps from Japanese beers and I am so excited to work with them this coming weekend at the cabin. The puppy, Nando and I are heading down Friday for a lot of work on the my art projects. Wedding season is coming full force so I have to slip away when I have openings. In love and peace and huge thanks to those who have give from our newsletter request, Lynette