Friday, May 06, 2011

I feel like we have already put in a whole days work and its not even 11 yet. Its Doug's birthday today so I was up at 6 to go to a wonderful local bakery, Honore to have chai and a treat with before Megan picked me up there to drive to Everett so that I could speak at Snohomish Providence Hospice Group. We had no traffic so we arrived in time to set up and get my mind settled. Now when asked to speak I don't write out anything and often don't really think it over. Today was one of those magic times where everything aligns right, there was a good and receptive crowd that I think will be referring to us, the funeral home provided lovely fruit and the words flowed in a hopefully meaningful way. Two people gave us donations as we left, one giving us her lunch money. Another woman is coming to the work party to make albums with us on Tuesday.

We are almost all organized for Tuesday's big album making work party. If you can come and like to work with paper and have precision type skills we would love to have you. Its adults only and it will be from 9 till 9 here at the studio, 5201 11Th Ave NW in Ballard. If you can't come but would like to help out we can always use more paper and we need a few people to make salad and bring drinks. Please call Diane at 206-297-0885 or you can email her at Huge thanks to my sister Patti who surprised me by working thru Doug's office, she is providing the pizza for the work party!

Yesterday Megan and Mary made great progress on getting the gifts together for Edmonton families. Mackenzie helped the day before and Courtney will be coming in today.

I have to get busy and finish gathering Doug's gifts together and need to clean the pantry for him. Crazy how a wild and disheveled cook like myself hooks up with a neat freak. He doesn't really want any more material things in his life but asked if I would clean the pantry as a gift to him. I don't like cleaning but really this will be more a gift for me than for him since he doesn't cook. He does do all the dishes so it will be nice for him to put things away in a tidy space I guess.

Today I am sharing photos of Tammy, taken by Teddi. Tammy is a new adult legacy client and I think she and her family are stunning. Thank you to Teddi for her great work and to Tammy and her family for allowing us to share these images. There will be a bio up on the website soon.

In love and peace, Lynette