Thursday, April 07, 2011

We are starting the process of making the gifts for the families from The NTSAD family conference, I feel like we are moving forward very fast because Lily who does my post production (and is the cookie maker at our artist sale) finished her work in record time and we have the discs off to the printers. We have also mailed all the completed files to Sarah Mattingly who is going to compile each families images into a nice package. Today I will share images only from families who have previously released. Above see Brooke being kissed by her dad, Dylan looking all sweet in color and one of Caroline holding a photo of her sister, Soul angel Elise. Below see Elliott with her mom and the brothers of Emma holding her Soul portrait.

I want all the supporters to start to see the magic of the event and get a feel for the beauty of these children. I am still digesting all the emotions and thoughts that surface after such an event and Megan is starting to receive the information about the children and their families that I will be working with in Edmonton. We are moving through a very special time for Soul. We are serving more families this month than we could have imagined when this all started.

I love the latest images that Tara captured for a new family to Soul. Megan finished work for 2 new families yesterday and is working on Tara's shoot today. Our wonderful friend Sarah Landa and twins are arriving any moment and she will work with Megan on some photoshop skills while I play with the twins, yahoo.

Happily my brother is now home from hospital and right now my father-in-law should be moving into a new care facility and hopefully he is thru with hospital stays for a while. I send thoughts of healing and hope to my friends who are having some serious medical issues, you know who you are and you know I love you. In love and peace, Lynette

** the twins just left and I have to say I could use a nap. They are stunning but its not easy to try to entertain 2 by myself. Tanner is a happy, vivacious boy and Ruby a pretty little wiry one with lots of spunk. Sarah is a calm and loving mom and is doing a magnificent job just as you might imagine**