Thursday, April 28, 2011

This is the final set of photos that I will be posting from Edmonton. This boys are the sibs of the two shown in the previous post, all foster sons of the parents shown in the photos. I am dropping the last edited discs from Edmonton off at Moonphoto today so we will start making the gifts in the office once the prints are ready. Dr. McGonigle is on vacation right now so we are not in a real rush to get them mailed as he will be the one presenting them to the families at their regularly weekly visits. Keep our new pal Enna in your heart as she is experiencing some difficulties right now that are taking her to the hospital for more tests.

The work in Edmonton is a true example of how this non-profit moves ahead in an organic and networking type of manner. Brandon's aunt read about Soulumination in People Magazine, they bought me a plane ticket to come to his first birthday in March of 2005, one month after the article was printed. Brandon and his extended family came to the opening at St Mark's, I took the train to Vancouver to photograph him a second time which turned out to be just shortly before his death, his mom came to our movie party after hosting a memorial service for Brandon in Vancouver, she returned for the 5Th anniversary. She makes all the beautiful birthday cards for our children as well as making all the thank you cards for the photographers. She now works for Brandon's doctor who purchased the plane ticket for this trip to Edmonton and she worked with him to set up all the shoots. Brandon's parents, aunts and family have been financial supporters of Soul. His life leading me to meet all the beautiful children on this trip. It was amazing to see his room and stay in his home. We all can thank Fred Moody for that article that was in People, what an amazing impact that one story has had.

I am concerned about my father-in-law, he seems a little worse each day. I hope for peace for him as he has been a wonderful friend and adviser since we first met, which was about a year before I met Doug. I have always thought of him as a friend first and we are sad to watch the rapid changes but happy that he has had a long and meaningful life.

Off soon to work with 2 boys that I have known since taking their newborn photos, in my business I am blessed to watch the growth of incredible children. Soul being my way of thanking the community for the years of support. In love and peace, Lynette