Monday, April 04, 2011

Safely home from the NTSAD family conference in Boston. Sarah and I worked long hours with beautiful children and their families, as well as with our friends who have adult onset Tay Sachs. I had time to quietly talk with 2 of our recently bereaved families to get insight into how to better serve through our photography. Both Emma and Elise's parents had wise and thoughtful observations, I am thankful that they were willing to be open with me about the work of Soul. There were a number of things that will help us move forward, but one thing they both mentioned is the timeless quality of the work. It has been a goal of mine to provide the families with great photos that are not following any trends, that have an honesty that takes them out of any particular time frame. I was delighted to hear that was valued.

I am so thankful to Sarah for all her hard work and for her willingness to back this with her time, talent and monetary support. Hugs to Diana and Kim at NTSAD for their work to make things move forward with our involvement.

It has been so very busy here in Ballard. Megan has been booking shoots and our photographers: Michael, Tara, Sacha, and Kevin have all finished a new assignment or will do so this week. We are welcoming two new photographers who will be shooting for us this week, Jen and Natalia. We are so thankful for the time and devotion shown by our photographers.

It was fun to wear the new Soul tees while working in Boston. Sarah, Becky, Diana and I all wore ours and we had many people asking how to order. I am sharing photos of my nieces, Lauren and Audrey, Soul sisters to one of the original Soul angel babies, Lanie. They graciously agreed to model for Gina Sook as she did our promo photographs. You can order your shirt here on the website, all profits going toward furthering the work of Soulumination.

I will share photos from the conference soon but there is a lot of post production work to be accomplished so it will be a few days. In love and peace and many thanks for supporting Soul so that we can move forward in such meaningful ways, Lynette