Monday, April 11, 2011

Last night we had a wonderful time at Paint the Town at an event for Soul hosted by two young men and their moms. They are shown here today along their moms Heidi, Soul mom and Heather, Soul photographer and board member. They and their families did a great job and we are all so grateful to Mary Anne, owner of Paint the Town for her generosity. Mary Anne is pictured with Lew and Nando. As you can see all involved were sporting the Soul tees. I am also posting a photo of Ashton holding photos of his beloved brother, Mercer as well as photos that were displayed at the event.

It was not only a success financially at Paint the Town, but we all had a lovely time and the pies that were from Pie in Fremont were delicious. The friendship and camaraderie at such an event add to the grace that surrounds the work of Soul. I am thankful that Lew came from Spokane and that Megan and her friend Nari we such great help. Hugs to Heather's mom for her help and support and to David and Brian for all they did.

Many of the guests last night had been touched directly by the work of Soul and we are thankful that they come out in support. We hope to make this an annual event and we want to thank both Dan and Holly who work for Paint the Town for their help and patience with our lively group.

We have so much work here at Soul right now with all the photos coming in from Tay Sachs as well at the beautiful images taken locally by many of our photographers. Next up is my trip to Edmonton this coming weekend, followed by our annual photographers meeting and the work party on May 10th. Please mark your calenders as we will work on the 10th from 9 till at least 8 in the evening with the goal of creating all the photo albums and trifolds for the next year.

Megan and Lori are putting the finishing touches on the newsletter and I think its to be printed this week. Look for yours in the mail. We know that everyone is taking a hit financially in this economic climate but we are hopeful of good support from this mailing as there are so many new families wanting our services.

I want to take time to thank Charlotte once again for her fundraising capabilities. While I was in Boston we received a $500 check in her honor from one of her admirers and good friends. Many miss Cha Cha and it was so nice to sit with Angie, Mattie, Celina and Elizabeth last night and have time to check in to see how things are going without Charlotte's direct presence.

The sun is so bright coming into my office window that I can barely see the computer screen, oh so cheerful. In love and peace, Lynette