Monday, April 25, 2011

Its been an incredibly busy few weeks--a total of 50 shoots in the month of April. Of course the trip to Boston with Sarah to work with the families of NTSAD and my trip to Edomonton counted for about 35 families and locally we have never been so busy. So many of our photographers have been hard at work and I am so thankful. I do want to be sure to mention both Leo and Bryan who both agreed to handle 2 end of life shoots in one day at Seattle Children's. Its enough to hope that the talent of Soul will agree to work with families as needed but to know that we have the type of photographers who continually do what is asked and more is just so incredible.

Tonight I am featuring a couple of the children from Edmonton. Lily brought by finished discs today for many of the Canadian families so over the next weeks I will be sharing them regularly. In time we will feature photos of these stunning children in our gallery so we will be able to read their stories. Today see the faces of Benjamin and Cheyanne.

The newsletters will be mailed out tomorrow thanks to the incredibly hard work of many hands, but mostly Diane and Megan. We are delighted to have received approval for bulk mailing rate for non-profits, it will save us so much money in postage. We are all hoping to receive nice funds from this effort in hopes that we can continue to serve all families who inquire.

Also tomorrow we have our annual photographer's meeting. We will welcome both Lily West and Susan Heath to talk to our assembled group. Board members have helped us put together gift bags for our photography staff. Angie and Matt are making dinner and Diane and I are making dessert.

Mark our calendar's for May 10th, it is our annual album making work party, we hope to make 150 handmade photo albums and the same number or more of trifolds. If you would like to donate pizza or know of anyone that might want donate some pizza for this crew of volunteers please call the office at 206-297-0885. We could use some nice green salad, pizza, drinks, muffins and cookies.

Time for bed, in love and peace, Lynette

In love and peace, Lynette