Sunday, April 17, 2011

It was another amazing day here in Edmonton. Sadly one of our families had to cancel due to illness but we worked with 4 families and each was special of course. Susan has been amazing, all the paperwork is complete so I can share images for all the families and in the future all will be added to the gallery this website.

Susan got a call that Dr. McGonigle could not join us for dinner as he needed to be with a child who was transitioning to her angel status. I can't tell you how I admire this man. I heard so many amazing compliments about his dedication and success in working with children who are extremely fragile medically. I am so thankful to he and his wife for providing the airfare to make this all happen.

If you are in Edmonton, please consider dining at Sorrentino's. They provided dinner for us tonight in honor of the work we are doing. It was excellent pasta and wonderful salad and bread. The restaurant was lovely when we stopped to pick it up so please support them and mention that we so appreciate their generosity.

I know we had shoots this weekend in Seattle and I am thankful for the photographers dedication. I have an adult shoot in Bellingham on Wednesday so its a very busy time for me personally and for Soul.

The newsletter should be out this week if all goes well. We will be grateful for any funding it brings as we have been busier than ever and want to be able to serve every request that comes our way.

Now I must burn the last discs of the work here in Canada. In love and peace, Lynette