Friday, April 01, 2011

It is late at night or actually early morning so I am sharing only two photos, one of Caroline holding a photo of her sister Elise and one of Rachel and her mom, you can go to the gallery and read the stories but trust me when I say that it is all really powerful here at the NTSAD family conference here in Boston. Sarah and I have not left the hotel since check-in on Thursday. We are working with children and adults that have such a difficult path in life.

Tonight I held one 2 year old for over an hour just trying to give her mom time to connect with others and ask all those difficult questions that seem impossible if you have healthy children.

It is great to have our pal Elliott and family here. I had a wonderful pillow fight with Emma's brothers and many other children. These kids will tell you right out that their siblings have died. Its not easy but its life changing. Huge thanks to all those who support the work of Soulumination and help to make it possible for us to serve these families.

Four of us wearing Soul tee shirts today. In love and peace, Lynette