Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I am sharing today two more children that I met in Edmonton, Marek and Priya. As you can see they are beautiful and so very well loved.

Last night's Annual Photographer's meeting was a big success. Thanks to hard work by Megan and Diane, the studio looked beautiful. The food that was prepared by Angie and Matt, Soul parents and board members was delicious. The gift bags provided by board members, including the handmade salted caramels made by board member and photographer, Heather were really well received, as you might imagine.

With help from Heather and our intern MacKenzie, Megan is trying to complete gifts for 6 new local families. The prints will start coming back soon from the Edmonton weekend so we will be busy right up to the album making party of May 10th. We will be nearly out of albums by then and already Kari and I have made some trifolds to get us through until the work party. Again its here at the studio from 9 till 9 on the 10th of May. One of my long-time clients has agreed to make cookies for the volunteers that day, if you know of anyone who would be willing to make a make a salad or donate pizza please call 206-297-0885.

We have had requests for two new families locally and I just saw Teddi's work on her most recent urgent shoot and it is beautiful. In love and peace, Lynette