Friday, April 15, 2011

I am almost packed to head to Edmonton tonight to work Saturday and Sunday with 11 new families. Andrew and Susan Tarling are hosting me have graciously set it up for me to stay with them. I am so thankful for all they have done to make this possible, just feeding me is no small feat and according to Megan I am to be a bit spoiled while I am with them. My airplane ticket has been provided by Dr McGonigle, who was the Tarling's doctor for their son Brandon. Since Brandon's death Susan has been working for Dr M. and I will be working with his patients. Susan also makes all the birthday cards for Soul and she and Andrew and their family have been amazing supporters of Soulumination.

I am posting photos today of board member/photographer Heather Baker and myself with a copy of her brother Chris' book. I had the pleasure of photographing Heather's dad and brother a number of times before Cal's death and we are proudly showing the photos that were used for the book. I feel strongly that legacy photos are so important whether its for young or old and even though this wasn't a part of Soulumination it certainly is testimony to the importance of capturing the essence of loving relationships. I love that the book contains my work as both times we worked together there was such a special feeling about each shoot.

I am sharing today some new faces from the NTSAD conference. Bela and Mallory are both obviously adored members of their families.

We had 4 volunteers in yesterday working mainly on the photos for the NTSAD families. I was teasing Megan that we won't have them mailed by the time we start receiving the photos for the families from Edmonton. We are working as hard as we can to get them all out in a timely manner but we also have the newsletter to mail hopefully this coming week. It is at the printers today and I think you will be moved by all the new faces from they year that were released before we went to press. Lori, Megan and Diane have all been working so hard to get this done. Soon there will be an online posting of all our donors, its a first for Soul and once its up I will point you to it as its amazing to see how many caring people make this work possible.

I will come back to this blog later to add a description of the book mentioned above, since its printed in Danish, the only thing I can read is my photo credit, so once Chris sends the description I will put that up. In love and peace, Lynette