Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Diane just took the newsletters to the post office, we are excited to be done and to be sharing our year with the 2000 people/families on our mailing list.

Heather, our board member and photographer just arrived with handmade salted caramels that are gifts for our photographers. Diane and I will set up soon and Angie and Matt will bring food they have lovingly prepared. My cookies are one pretty plates so now the set up and we should be good.

Here are two more amazing children from Edmonton, Jacob and Enna. Enjoy this lovely faces.

Oh, I am collecting bottle caps for my recycled art projects, if you travel and see fun ones I would love them and if you drink locally those with great images are welcomed. Thanks again to Betsy and Sam for bringing aluminum cans and to Patty and all my art group friends for their generosity. I am looking for tiny tart pans that are heading for the recycle as well as the metal cone shaped cake decorating tips. This project helps me keep balanced and works off some of the sorrow that gathers around my head and heart.

In love and peace, Lynette