Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Woke to another gray and rainy day, but a nice walk into Ballard for chai and the sight of our house guests, my nephew and his girlfriend drinking coffee in my courtyard brings its own light.

The photo that opens this post is a self portrait by a young man, Jared Chang that I am mentoring. He is working on a senior project in photography and he will be shooting for Soul at the Dragonslayer event at Greenlake next month.

It was very nice to awaken this morning to notification of a $500 donation via paypal. We are hearing from new families regularly and have the Tay Sachs conference and the work in Edmonton coming up so this donation was so appreciated. I am not sure yet but am thinking that the donation may have come from a friend that both Kari and I have known for years. I love that paypal donations now come right from paypal but thru the donors email so we can thank them immediately via email and then get a formal thank you out in a day or two. Once I respond to the email I generally hear more from the donor and I hope he will let us know if its our pal.

The fundraiser that our board member Sally put together was a great success. She raised nearly $4500 and introduced us to many new volunteers and supporters. The evening was truly wonderful, great food and drink, wonderful presentation of the photos and an ice sculpture that was amazing. I am so thankful for her heartfelt efforts and the magic of the night. Many people pitched in to make this possible but Sally really led the way.

I had a very worthwhile meeting today with one of my mentors. It is such a gift to receive calm and wise guidance. I want to lead Soulumination with more clarity than ever and I think that there are simple but profound steps I can take. After the meeting we went to a poetry meditation workshop that was so perfect to help me remember the grace and the serendipity which have consistently guided Soulumination. One of the poems by Theodore Roethke repeats versions of this line: "I learn by going where I have to go." Those words struck me in such a powerful way. I have always felt that I must leave myself open and that many times I go into areas of life that seem confusing, but after I work through the situation I almost always realize that the lesson was in the doing.

I leave the most powerful for last---today two new Soul shoots arrived, one dropped off by Scott and the other came through the mail from Kevin. One shoot is a legacy shoot for a young father who will leave behind a wife and 2 young children and the other an end of life shoot for an eight year old. I have to say that both men did an outstanding job, these shoots clearly show talent, skill and compassion. I felt a tingle as I looked through the work. This type of generosity is allowing the work to move forward in a beautiful way plus it allows me to take time from work that is so sensitive it is difficult not to fall into a pattern of sorrow. I salute both Scott and Kevin and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

In love and peace, Lynette