Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tomorrow I fly to Boston for the Tay Sachs family conference. As I type the words it brings back all the amazing children that have died since my last time with these incredible families. It is certainly a bittersweet undertaking. I look forward to one rowdy pillow fight and will be thinking of Emma as I get into it with her brothers. Sarah Mattingly will be working with me and she has generously offered to personalize each shoot for the families by producing some sweet gifts. I am so grateful to Sarah and delighted to have time with her again.

Here in Ballard things are just crazy busy for Soul. Now a total of 11 new referrals in 2 days. So happy that one request will be answered in Missoula Montana by a friend Maureen will work with a teen and his family in Montana who read about us here at the Ronald McDonald House.

Today I want to feature our great friend, Suzanne. I met Suzanne 6 years ago when I did the photos for Francisco. She works at Seattle Children's and has referred many clients to Soulumination. We met our dear friend Shirley through Suzanne, plus countless others. She has been the force behind some lovely holiday parties on the SCCA floor at Children's and is one of our most devoted volunteers and supporters. She recently modeled our tee shirt with our board president, Matt and vice president and photographer, Randell.

Born on Valentine's Day, Suzanne has become a friend with such heart and spirit that we can't thank her enough for sharing her compassionate ways. She is a volunteer, mentor, and has shown true devotion to our mission. We are blessed to know such an amazing woman. In love, peace and gratitude, Lynette

Its now early morning on Thursday the 31st of March, 3 years ago today my mom passed away. Its very windy here in Seattle and the prayer flags are flying high, sending not only the message of love to my mom but to my father-in-law who is still in the hospital and my brother David who is in hospital in Australia. I leave in a few hours for Boston to see many old friends and meet new families at the national Tay Sachs family conference. Our pal Elliott and her family will be attending plus many other familiar faces. I also wanted to thank Cami and Dawn for the lovely images that arrived yesterday from recent Soul shoots. The work is beautiful and I am sure they will become family treasures.