Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Its a time of much hardship and loss in our world, a time of change and a time where we are called to share in the sorrow of a larger group of humanity. Our friends and suppliers of much of the paper for the albums of Soulumination are flying into Seattle from their home in Tokyo and I am assuming that is because of the radiation issues. I love the country of Japan and the people and feel a real sorrow for all that has happened and what is to come.

Here at Soul we are moving forward and working with new families. We have had calls for a number of adult legacy shoots and have a number of children's shoots pending. I am getting things in order for the Tay Sachs conference and will be working with many new families and seeing others from the past. Our wonderful friend and supporter, Sarah Mattingly will be working alongside me.

I had a wonderful time in California with Doug and McKenzie. It was nice to have days filled with light and sunshine and even some warmth. The San Luis Obispo area is beautiful, a really wonderful place to unwind.

There is a board meeting tonight and we have lots to go over. Our newsletter is in the works and there is a great fundraiser that is shaping up at Paint the Town. We were delighted to receive $1K in funds from Just Give.org thru the Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds concert. Huge thanks to all who designated Soul as their charity of choice and to Mary Anne Martin who alone raised us $600 thru this event. Mary Anne and Paint the Town are truly wonderful supporters of Soulumination. We are most thankful to have her as a friend.

The t-shirt has been very popular and today I share the next series of photos. I have been blessed to work for a number of years with the Wilson family. Dan and Annie have been clients and friends and they graciously agreed to model the shirts for us. I take great delight in sharing these today. If you order a shirt via paypal now, the fees that paypal normally takes as their share will be donated to disaster relief in Japan.

It certainly was fun to watch the latest hail storm a half hour ago. I have loved hail since childhood and it makes me happy to see and feel the ice pebbles. IN love and peace, Lynette

All photos today by volunteer, Gina Sook