Wednesday, March 02, 2011

It makes me sad that I can get caught up feeling blue when the weather is just so darned gray so today I will try to move forward with a little more kick in my step. I look forward to tonight when I get to spend time with 4 good friends over food and art projects.

I find facebook to be both a wonderful way to connect and a colossal waste of time. Today a post came up that listed words about grief and I found this one to be especially true for the work of Soulumination:

O’Rourke: “That cold fire is strangely warming, isn’t it? And so we burn through the days, passing from one person to the next the lit match of memory.”

I share today another face from our time at Camp Agape. I had the pleasure of working with Ricky and his family and am delighted to share his handsome face with you. We are always so thankful when we get the release papers in the mail so that we can share with all of our supporters the amazing people we get to work with. We are planning on attending Camp Agage again this summer.

Enjoy the new photos of the tee shirts on Naomi, Taide and Sawyer. Please place your orders via paypal here at the website or you can call 206-297-0885 and arrange a time to come to the studio and try them on. We are most grateful for each sale as the profits go to furthering the work of Soul. We are thrilled with the work of Gina Sook who is doing this promotional photography as part of her course work at Seattle Central.

This weekend our board member Sally is hosting a fundraiser for us at a private home. I will speak briefly but Angie, board member and mom of angel Charlotte will explain about how the work of Soul has effected her life. Matt, board president, will be the sole male attending this event and he will act as bartender but will also talk about the photos of his twin angels, Lauren and Lillian. Angie and Matt discovered the work of Soul thru very different means and both have moving stories to share. The event is on the East side and we are thankful to spread the word into that community.

We are hoping to fully connect with hospice workers in the Snohomish area thru Providence Hospice. We will be interviewing for qualified photographers in that area so if you know of anyone please share their names and web sites. There are requirements as to equipment and expertise as well as suitability to this type of sensitive work. We do not accept every applicant but we would welcome your suggestions.

Our big work party is on the calendar for May 10, here at the Ballard studio. This is the once a year event where supporters come from 9 in the morning until 9 at night to make all the beautiful photo albums we need for one year. We will need skilled workers as well as a clean up crew for later in the evening. If you would like to help please call 206-297-0885 or email at We will have food and drink and if you can't attend but would like to prepare tasty treats that would also be welcome. We encourage supporters to bring a sheet of two of the stunning decorative papers that we use to create the albums. We have lovely paper supplied by my good friends, Catherine and family in Tokyo but with all the trifolds that we need each year and around 130 albums, we can certainly use your contribution. This work party is really a highlight of each year as soul families, photographers, volunteers and long-time friends and family lend a hand. The idea is that many hands and hearts touch each album. Mark your calendars please.

Oh some lovely sun shining through. I will work some today with my recycled cans, keep me in mind for empty aluminum cans with interesting graffics, I am seeing new designs and would put your empties to good use. I saw thru the ads on the Super Bowl that Brisk tea has some great new designs, haven't seen them yet in Seattle but hoping they show up soon. I love the Peace Tea cans and am now looking for donations of beer bottle caps with interesting designs, so send those my way if you are so inclined. In love and peace, Lynette