Thursday, March 03, 2011

It is with sorrow that I write again so soon. We have lost yet another angel to Tay Sachs. The beautiful red-head, Katelyn passed away recently and we send her family our deepest sympathy. Both Sarah Mattingly and I worked with the little stunner and we thought she was just the cutest bundle. We will so miss seeing her at this year's event but we will hold her in our hearts.

Its a very busy day here at Soul Ballard with 3 new requests for shoots coming over a course of a few hours. All three are booked and one is happening in a few minutes--Kevin is doing an end of life shoot for an 8 year old at Seattle Children's. By the grace and generosity of Glazer's Rental Department, Kevin was able to borrow a lens of this shoot as his is in the repair shop. The owners of Glazer's have been so thoughtful in offering to help out in this way and we are very thankful. Both Teddi and Scott are working on adult legacy shoots, one Sunday and one on Monday. Please hold these 3 families in your hearts as all are reaching the end of life.

I purchased a third t-shirt for myself today and they are selling nicely. They look so nice that they are kind of my new uniform for days when I am doing shoots for my business with families and kiddos. I was hoping to have Gina's latest photos to share with you today, but she is still working on them so I am posting a couple of photos of my little friends wearing them today. These boys brought sunshine to my life and I thought they might make you smile. You can order shirts here at the website via Paypal or call 206-297-0885 and you can come try on and pick up here at the office. The sales will help fund shoots like the three we booked today.

In love and peace, Lynette