Monday, March 28, 2011

I see a touch of blue sky out my window and lovely blossoms on the flowering trees, so maybe spring has arrived. One thing I always hope for is that my bleeding hearts that were given to me by original Soul mom, Joan when my mom died will bloom by the 31st of March. That is the day of mom's passing and sure enough the first blooms are showing red and they will last for months as a beautiful reminder of mom's loving ways.

We are very busy here at Soul Ballard with my trip to the NTSAD conference coming up this week. We have had five new requests just today plus both Cami and Dawn were doing Soul shoots this weekend. The work in Boston will mean 15 new children to Soul plus a number of adults. In two weeks I will have about 12 new families when I work in Edmonton.

I am sharing today newly released photos of Adam, a new young father to Soulumination. These stunning images were taken by Scott and we are so thankful for his lovely work. We sent our thanks to Adam and his family for their willingness to share the images. The work of this type of legacy is expanding and we are regularly interviewing potential new photographers because we are growing and we want to be sure to honor each request to the best of our ability and not put too much pressure on any one photographer.

I am sharing photos of the Soul tee being worn by my friends Ashton and Colin. I met Colin's parents when I photographed their wedding. I have had the pleasure of working with Colin and my camera since his birth. I met Ashton because he is a Soul brother. I had the opportunity to meet his younger brother Mercer and take photos at Seattle Children's. These two boys are hosting a fundraiser in conjunction with Paint the Town to benefit the work of Soulumination. Their mom's Heidi, Soul mom and Heather, Soul photographer and board member are doing a bang up job and have sold out the event. We may consider moving the location to a larger space as they have a wait list of 20 people who would like to participate. We want to work with Paint the Town to make this an annual event as it will be a big help to us funding-wise with all the new families that we are scheduling.

I want to thank a new friend of mine Susan. She was in town visiting my good friend and artist that we all love at the annual sale, Patty Grazini. Patty brought her over to pick out some yarn to work with and make scarves for next years sale and she produced 5 stunning scarves during her visit to Seattle. If anyone would like to knit or crochet for us for next year's sale, please call as we have lovely yarn that has been donated.
I need to get packing for Boston and clean up the studio of tomorrows shoot with one of my beloved mentors, Michelle and her granddaughters. It will be a little gift from me to her for her years of wisdom.

Also big thanks to Bob, the owner of Moonphoto for the lovely story, The Daffodil Principal and the flowers. Please keep our friend Austen in your hearts as she just completed the 4th round of chemo to prepare her for the stem cell transplant. She is one strong woman and on her way to kicking cancer. In love and peace, Lynette

***after posting this another request came so there are a total of 6 new requests on this day.