Wednesday, March 23, 2011

After a number of days working at the cabin I am home and realizing that seriously a lot goes into running a non-profit while maintaining a business, exploring my recycled metal projects and being a wife and mom. So many good things happen that it helps move things forward and the sun today, the bag of cans left in my artspace and the adorable 6 month old child that arrived this AM for photos thru my business certainly add up to a lot of helpful sweetness.

Teddi, Leo and Kurt all completed shoots while I was away and as usual they did an outstanding job. I am so thankful and happy about all the talent that surrounds Soul. Shirley is here working away on the books. Its always great to see her and she has done so much for Soul. She will be phasing out of the bookwork to have time with her grandchildren and she is spending more time on Whidbey so with the help of Mari, we will move toward allowing her to graciously move forward with her personal life. I can't thank Shirley enough for all she has done for us, she is a gem.

Today I share more promo photos by Gina Sook. We are so thankful for her efforts and we love the t-shirts. The photos today are of our board members, Randall and Matt and great friend and supporter, Suzanne.

I will be packing all three of my Soul tees for the trip to Boston. I think they will be a great 'uniform' for when I work back there and hopefully it will make packing quick and easy. In Boston I will get to see some of the families that I have known for years through Tay Sachs. Its hardly the way one would want to make friends, but as we work with the families both Sarah and I agree that we are blessed in so many ways with special friendships through this dreaded disease. All of us who connect this way have high hopes for a cure. I fly out next Thursday, so a little over a week to get everything organized.

My beloved father-in-law, Tom, has been struggling health-wise. He has been a gift for me since the day I met him and that was about a year before I had met Doug. Since Tom has been in the hospital I have been taking time to relive in my mind the amazing trip he and I had to Oaxaca together. There have been many special times but having time alone with him in that part of Mexico was grand. He has been one incredible friend and mentor and I so hope he shows some improvement in his health very soon.

Board member and Soul photographer, Heather came by with samples of salted caramels that she is making as thank you gifts for some special friends of Soul. They are amazingly tasty treats and we are so thankful for her work. Heather is also busy pulling everything together for the sold-out fundraiser next month at Paint the Town. She often comes by and helps Megan in the office which has been so helpful.

Must get back to chores. In love and peace, Lynette