Thursday, February 24, 2011

We were so touched last week when the doorbell rang and a wonderful Soul family had arrived from Leavenworth to bring their release papers for the photos of their beautiful daughter who is now one of the angel babies. Her lovely parents and her two siblings came and spent time with Megan and filled out all the needed information so that we could share her lovely face. This stunner was photographed by Kurt Smith and will soon be up on our gallery. Mia battled ALL, a devastating form of leukemia. We feel blessed to be able to share her images.

We received the exciting news that our long-time volunteer and friend Sawyer Coleman has won a Coca Cola scholarship. Megan and I worked on the recommendation together, with Megan doing the main composing and allowing me to add the final touches including photos to the forms. We felt strongly that Sawyer deserved this award and we are over the moon with delight that he is traveling to Atlanta and will be interviewed at that time and they will then decide if his award is $10K or $20K. Keep positive thoughts as we would be so excited if he came off with the top dollar amount. His sister Brenna, our long-term intern received a similar award when she graduated from the Toyota Community Scholar program.

Since I did not finish my own college degree it was so important to me that my own daughters had the support and encouragement to finish theirs. It gives me great pleasure that the Soul staff and myself have helped Sawyer and Brenna move to reaching their own educational goals.

Sawyer is pictured below with 2 other amazing friends of Soul, Naomi, who has been a long-time client and friend of mine whose father is successfully battling a brain tumor and Taide whose beautiful baby sister was photographed by our board member, Randell. Taide did an amazing project for us in raising funds in honor of her sister Melody pictured here today. Randell did this shoot and we have been blessed to work with Taide and to get to be friends with her entire family.

We are most grateful for these three agreeing to be photographed in our t-shirt. Sales have been going well and we are expecting our third order of shirts tomorrow. Please tell your friends about the shirts as they really are good quality and all profits are put to work to serve new families. We have more photos being taken today of the shirts by our volunteer promo photographer, Gina Sook. She is doing a bang up job and I will continue to share her work here and it is also on the opening page of the website.

Last night I had the pleasure to present to James Green's anthropology class about the work of Soulumination. Its emotional to talk about Soul but its also rewarding and we are excited to connect with new faces. After the class was over Megan, Heather and I were approached by a number of students about volunteering. We are so excited to meet new helpers and we can always use more help. Heather was gracious enough to take some photos and add her thoughts about volunteering as a photographer with Soulumination. She also spoke about the work I did with her father before he passed away and it was obvious that the students liked hearing what she had to say.

Right now we can use help with cutting fabric for a new Soul product. If you are good with a rotary cutter and have some time please call or email. We will have the annual album making work party on the calendar soon. I think we will work in May to create all the albums for one year so watch for the announcement as we need lots of hands to make this work.

Megan and I just spoke with Tom who heads the work of Providence Hospice in Snohomish and I am so thankful that he will be working toward connecting us with the right people to help us serve new families in the Snohomish area.

Goodness, I have had a lot to share, time to get back to chores. In love and peace, Lynette