Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The sun is shining and I sit here all teary----its my birthday and a man portrayed in a movie about his social networking project as kind of heartless has created a method of showering us with affection on our birthdays like no other. Thank you Mark Z from a middle-aged woman who is now connected with friends far and wide in a way I could never have dreamed when I first learned about birthday celebrations.

I had to post a third day in a row as I received new photos from our wonderful volunteer Gina Sook who is doing the promo photos for the new Soul tee shirt. The shirts really our nice and they frankly look great on too, so you can order via paypal here on the site or call and stop by to try on. Soon we will have infant sizes and long sleeved tees for the ladies and gents as you can see on me in these latest photos. These models have special significance today as it was 6 years ago that I met Emily, I said she was my birthday present that day. Doctors had told her parents that she wouldn't survive until her first birthday and this little champ has proven everyone wrong and is a bright and shining star. Her family is incredible and its her grandmother's business that prints the tees. I am blessed to know this wonderful red-head and her entire family is a blessing in my life.

Yesterday was so busy with Megan booking three new families for shoots today. We have Dawn working at Children's, as well as Cami, and Amanda who is working with an adult for legacy photos at his home. I am leaving now to work with a Soul family at their home here in Ballard.

I again send special loving thoughts to Emma's family. Even though Emma is no longer with us in person, her grace shines through on this sunny day. In love and peace, Lynette