Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Oh the sun, glorious light shining into my workroom window, what a boost to the spirit. This past weekend brought McKenzie home for her buddy's wedding and it was a time to celebrate with Derek and Alison and remember the high school years. This Friday Doug and I leave at noon to drive to Spokane to visit Llewelyn so its a family time of year.

Its just busy here at Soul headquarters in Ballard. I am working to arrange a trip to Edmonton in April where I will work with numerous families whose children are being treated by Brandon Tarling's doctor. After Brandon's passing his mom went to work for his doctor and this kind man has agreed to pay for my airfare if I will come to photograph a number of his patients. Our good friend and supporter, Sarah Mattingly is working to get Soul back to the NTSAD conference in Boston at the end of March, we will see if that works out. Soul has such a long connection with Tay Sacks and it would be good to work with the families once again. We have requests from a number of new clients and Megan is working to get those lined up. I will do some updated photos for our lovely pal Ava Grace and just completed updated shots for a little boy named Nathaniel who is dealing with heart issues, it was a very fun and rewarding shoot. He is shown here today giving me a big old hug.

There is a lovely article about Emily's cousin in the Seattle Times sports section today. We were all sad that we did not get to work with Emily's uncle and his family before his death but check out the article as its truly a moving story of his son.

At the wedding this weekend I reconnected with Dr. Chapman who works at Seattle Children's and Megan is working to line up photographers for the Sarcoma Event that is coming up in April and we will be meeting with the appropriate people on his unit to be sure they all know about the work of Soulumination.

We received new releases from three families this week and I am sharing the faces here today. Watch the website for their addition to our gallery and hopefully soon there will be many updates to the entire website.

We are working to print our first Soulumination tee shirt and are very excited. Funding is always an issue with nonprofits and we hope the design will sell well. We are lining up 'models' for our talented volunteer Gina who will be doing advertising shots for the tee. The design is inspired by my daughter Llewelyn and is based on the logo. We hope to unveil soon.

We are working on new products for the Artist Sale and could use your help in getting things ready to produce the items. If you have a little time to give we need people who are experienced cutting fabric with a rotary cutter and others who would be willing to make felted balls for garlands. Please call 206-297-0885 and we can have you in for training, the felt work can be done at home as well as the cutting but if you would like to work cutting in the office you are most welcome.

I am personally working to create many of my items for the sale next year as this is a quieter time for my business giving me the long hours that I need to work. I am still in need of aluminum drink cans and if you want to help out with that I would be thankful. This time of year ideas just spring into my head and I will need hundreds of cans to produce the items for the sale. I need cans that are not smashed and love those with fun and unusual logos and there are many out there right now. I am so thankful to all who so generously take time to bring them to me, especially niece Betsy and her family.

Thinking of Soul friends Mark Hamby who had an emergency appendectomy last week, Leah Smith who just had a hip replacement this morning and Pat Dunn who lost his mom last weekend. Each of these people have been so key in the background work of Soul and I am most grateful for their support and want to offer a little in return.

In love and peace, Lynette