Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Its a beautiful sunny morning and I had to share a few things. First of all the work done in the past week by photographers Karen and Bryan is really wonderful. Both had emergency type shoots at the NICU at Seattle Children's and the results are truly wonderful images. I am so thankful to all who use their cameras for Soul.

Today I meet with 2 board members, Heather and Randall who are also photographers for Soul. We are planning our annual photographers meeting. Later today I take the new Soul tee shirts to Seattle Central to meet Emily and her family for more promo photos with Gina Sook. We have sold out of a few sizes and will be receiving more shirts this Friday so still time to get some for Valentine's Day. We are most grateful to all our supporters who have purchased shirts, of course all profits go toward our work with the families of Soulumination. Tomorrow I have update photos with our new Soul baby friend, Ava Grace.

I am sharing a treasure birthday gift from my daughter Llewelyn, its shown here today and is the original artwork that inspired the Soulumination logo. I am so happy that Lew and her puppy Nando are coming this weekend for a stay. Will have to be sure I have tuna fish because Nando is hooked on tuna even though his owner is a vegetarian.

I want to share today a second photo of a lovely mom and her family. She died just recently and I remember when I first saw this photos a few months ago how she took my breath away. I send much love and prayers to her husband and children as they go forth without her physical presence. She was referred to us by a former bride friend of mine who has become a steadfast supporter of Soulumination.

Enjoy the beauty of today while I look forward to some rowdy good time with Emily and her sibs and mom. In love and peace, Lynette