Friday, February 04, 2011

It is so exciting to have our first tee shirt for Soul and having our first model be Austen who is a dear friend makes it all extra special. Austen is fighting a winning battle against NonHodgkins Lymphoma and was gracious enough to bring her boyfriend over for the photo session the day before her next hospital stay for chemo which is leading to her stem cell transplant. In the next weeks we will have various models and you will see the lovely work of young photographer, Gina Sook who is doing the ad photos as a final project for her degree at Seattle Central. Of course all profit from the shirt goes to furthering the work here at Soulumination.

You can purchase a shirt by calling Megan here at the office at 206-297-0885 and hopefully by Monday or Tuesday through PayPal on line. The design idea came from Llewelyn who designed the Soul logo. She explained one day that we are the people of the logo so the shirt needed to be brown and we wear the hearts.

Our photographer Brian worked with a new family and their baby at Children's this week. He went on this emergency call and graciously returned a half day later when the father arrived at the hospital. We are so grateful for the dedication of our volunteer photographers.

Plans are in the works for a trip to work in Boston at the NTSAD family conference and for a trip to Edmonton to work with families there.

Out the door to visit Llew and Mike and the cute puppy, Megan holding down the fort here in Ballard for the weekend. Life is good. In love and peace, Lynette