Monday, February 14, 2011

Here at Soul Ballard we are thankful that the hearts on the new tees have made them perfect Valentine's. Sales have been brisk indeed and I have to say they are good looking shirts that should have staying power as far as fund raising. So we have happy hearts here at Soul.

I am sharing photos today from my shoot with Ava Grace last week taken by Megan. Its so nice when our clients are well enough to come to the studio. Ava Grace's parents are fortunate in their attitude and in the loving support they have from family, friend and those of us who just need to hold a baby once in a while.

Susan Doupe was at Seattle Children's this weekend for a photo shoot. I was hosting a work party for Soul to celebrate the 6th year of this non-profit which coincides with the 28th anniversary of my own 29th birthday, yes go ahead and do the math. Thankfully if I am not looking in the mirror or at a photo I forget that I even have gray hair. I am most grateful to family, friends and Soul supporters who came out to lend their time and talent. Diane and Megan did a great job of helping pull this all together and they are really amazing additions to our work.

I opened the blog today with a phto of a new Soul child, Georgia. She is connected to our photographers Kurt, Tara, Jodi and now myself thru various means and we are most honored to know her family and to be able to offer our photos as she launches a very positive fight to beat the cancer that has put up a road block but will not detour this girl from living a great life.

Lulu and her puppy were kind enough to drive from Spokane to help celebrate Valentine's Day and my birthday but they are getting ready to head home. Those two add so much to my days when they visit and today Nando made us all smile when he came down attired in his own Valentine tee. Lew was kind enough to snap the photo here.

We all have our hearts in the place of compassion for Valentine's and we send special love to all of our families. In love and peace, Lynette