Thursday, January 27, 2011

Trying to find the balance in life can be a stretch for me. I am so blessed to have a cabin for personal short retreats, its not like I am not working while I am there but the quiet is so needed. It seems I have worked myself into a lot of hustle and bustle here at our work/live studio and its hard to find a quiet spot for myself. Its a dilemma because I brought it all on with open arms and I love that I have incredible people working for Soul and my business but there is a lack of calm until late at night or early in the morning, so I find myself staying up too late and then getting up early to work. To be amongst bright and stimulating minds each day is hardly a hardship so now I need to gently and calmly make some boundaries for myself to allow all that needs to happen here without burning out.

I am so very delighted to share with you a young woman that I had the pleasure of working with for Soul. Her name is Rhema and her lovely face is gracing this missive. I can remember all the laughter during her shoot and I hope she can come again sometime soon with her siblings for updated photos and some family pictures. Sarah and I had the best time during this shoot as she modeled and posed and made me laugh so much. Her bio and photos will be up in the gallery soon.

We had our first board meeting of the year last week and I am so thankful for all the amazing minds and kind hearts that fill our board. Each person brings something special and it feels good to move forward with such support. Between the board, the office staff and our interns and volunteers we are feeling like we are getting organized for a great year.

While at the cabin it was lovely to watch the exceptional high tides work away at the beach. I was walking toward my favorite big rock to build yet another memorial out of nature's findings when I was treated to a sight that never fails to remind me of what its like to view how small we are in the big scheme of things---the amazingly large sand dollar bed. I have been around beaches my entire life but the sand dollars at Harstine are stunning, it would be impossible to count them all, millions, tens of millions? I never walk on that part of the tide line, I just get near and marvel and if I get the energy to pull down my little row boat and see them all purple and waving when covered by water its truly a sight to behold. Sometimes I use the bleached white ones that have died and washed up on the shore in the little memorials. In three days of beach walks I saw a total of 7 people and that is a lot for Harstine in the winter. 8 people on the beach and millions of sand dollars, nice balance.

Later today I have a toddler boy coming for Soul photos and this weekend a young man that is truly loved by the Johnson family is getting married. The balance of the work done with my camera this week is perfect now I need to bring that balance to the rest of the days of the week without leaving home.

In love and peace, Lynette