Thursday, January 13, 2011

Its the serendipity of Soul and life that makes it all come together, the grace and blessing that surround us if we take the time to look and appreciate. I asked my office staff and a few friends to loan me DVDs to watch at the cabin while I worked on new creations for next years Artist Sale and in the stack were two that especially moved me--the first season of Joan of Arcadia and the movie Mrs Palfrey at the Clairmont. Both had simple and loving messages that reminded me of the power of Soul and once again I was inspired to keep moving forward, to look for opportunities, to act in a manner that will serve others in simple but loving ways.

I was touched by the fact that recently one of our photographers let us know the he is willing to work with clients in the hardest of situations, that he actually would feel more called to shoots that are truly hard due to the amount of sorrow, while another photographer says she would like to work in situations that seem to be happy with lots of hope and promise. The balance and coming together of people to help in various ways and the fact that they are open and honest enough to share this with us is perfect.

Its always busy here at Soulumination even if we are not always out photographing new families. Right now there is a lot of accounting that is being done by our wonderful Soul grandma and great friend Shirley(her granddaughter, Emily pictured here today). Diane is working to make next years sale even better, she has secured a few new artists and is working to bring more efficiency to check out and to expand on contributions from artists who do not want to have a table but who are willing to donate a few pieces so that we receive all the income from those sales. Megan works nonstop from morning till evening and is doing a great job of preparing for our next newsletter which she will help Lori Sawyer to produce, she is setting up the calendar for this entire year and has me booked to speak next week to the Providence cancer care staff in Everett with help from board member Sally Brennan and her husband Tom. She is helping me get items together for a talk I am doing in February at the UW as well as getting the latest Soul shoot by Nancy up to Moon for printing as well as countless other tasks. It will be good to be with the board of Soulumination next week to map out the coming year, we have many opportunities for you to volunteer and will keep you posted as we iron things out.

As always there many hands and hearts working selflessly to bring us to a point that allows us to serve. Grace and blessings abound, sorrow and loss tied in to all but that is really how life moves. My heart goes to the families and friends with tragic loss and life altering issues from the recent tragedy in Arizona. The prayer flags above my gate fluttering, tattering and sending out their messages while I close in love and peace, Lynette

*** A little reminder, we are looking for donations of beads, buttons, baubles, quilting weight cotton fabric in 1/4 yard pieces or larger and I can always use more empty soda, beer, cider- aluminum cans that are not smashed---especially those with interesting graphics, such as Peace Tea, La Croix water, Caldera, Red Dog, Arizona Iced Tea, Hawaiian Sun, all V-8 cans, Sunkist, Blue Sky, Hansons etc. You can call to drop off or have us pick up and with the cans I often find them in a garbage bag tossed over the gate and that is fine.***** Thanks so much