Friday, January 07, 2011

Its the end of a busy but productive week and I am ready for a number of days away at our cabin, quiet, alone time to create and recharge. I am back to work with my business appointments after taking December off and I realize that I have incredible clients. One of my one year olds took off and walked for the first time today while I had my camera poised and ready, another 4 year old started her birthday celebration with a morning session here with me. I love my business and feel a friendship that I cherish with my clients.

We also had a number of new Soul families this week. Heartfelt thanks to Kevin for the beautiful photos from his first Soul shoot, to Dawn for her incredible recording of two 13 year old friends who are in rooms side by side at Children's, kudos to Bryan for again nailing a very poignant shoot and to our ace Nancy who stayed longer at Children's for a family than was planned and suffered a $100 fine in the process since she missed an appointment.

We finally had our yearly celebration on Wednesday for the office staff of Soul and my business. We had lunch at Thaiku and I must say that I have brilliant and dynamic women on my side. We said farewell to Diane, my secretary of long standing and welcomed her replacement, Kelly. I do this little celebration each year in honor of my mom who loved Soulumination and was very proud of my little business. I am so thankful that money was donated to Soul in her honor by women at the celebration.

We are working toward our first board meeting of 2011 and Megan and Diane are helping to get things organized so that we are ready to meet the year with a good plan. With a small non-profit we have to be prepared to meet all challenges and keep our funding in order.

I will soon be speaking in Everett to hopefully forge a bond so that we will work with the oncology department at the Providence hospital. I was thrilled to be asked to also provide a speaker or speak myself at the anthropology department at UW. I met the professor a while back when I spoke to a group in Bellingham and am honored to keep that contact alive. He had attended the opening show for Soul at St Marks and that day holds many memories for me and launched the work of Soulumination into the public arena here in Seattle.

Huge thanks to the volunteers who come and go, working faithfully to insure that each family receives their photos in a timely manner. Many hands come together to create all or the gifts for families and the thank you cards for donors as well as our sympathy cards. We are blessed in many ways.

In love and peace, Lynette