Saturday, January 22, 2011

Its been a busy and productive week here at Soul and I am delighted that I get to go to the cabin tomorrow for a few days of work on my art projects where I can enjoy some very quiet and rejuvenating time.

We are always grateful when parents send in release forms so that we can share their beautiful children in our gallery, but once in a while along with our thanks we also send our sympathy as its the first time we are aware that we have lost yet another angel baby. Today I am sharing photos of beautiful Ella but sadly she passed away a few months ago. Leo did a wonderful job with this tiny beauty and our hearts go out to her loving parents.

I am thankful for board member Sally Brennan who arranged to have me speak at Providence in Everett to encourage their social workers to refer their patients to us that fit into our adult legacy project. Megan accompanied me and I felt it was the start of a great connection with the Everett medical community. We are hopefully going to meet with their hospice unit next month as this particular engagement was with the cancer social workers. Megan captured the photo of me flanked by a photo of my friend, Francisco. When I speak I often mention Francisco as he had a powerful presence and inspired those who met him to be stronger and resolute.

We received an email this week from women in Portland that have formed a similar non-profit called Lens of Hope. We are so excited and hope to meet the founders soon. If it can be arranged, I will also go to Portland to help them with briefing their photographers on how to go about doing the sensitive types of shoots that our work calls for.

I am most thankful to Sacha for the work she did at Children's this Wednesday. I was on my way to the slide show by Tara Clark from her recent work in the Sudan. An urgent call came and I offered to cancel my evening out but Megan went right to work and Sacha agreed to do the shoot. Her images are truly top-notch. Tara's work was also beautiful and I was most touched by her introduction as she recalled that she assisted me when she first was inspired to take up a camera in a serious manner. Tara gave kudos to my sister in law Sally and her husband and paid tribute to their daughter Lanie who helped inspire the work of Soul.

Today I worked with our dear friend Austen whose cancer has returned. Once again Austen is moving forward in such a positive and powerful manner. I know that she will once again see many victories in this battle and that she has every hope to beat this disease.

I am grateful for all who shine their light, talent, and generosity on Soulumination, in love and peace, Lynette